Sadhna Group and Medsynaptic join hands to deliver high quality healthcare in Bihar

Medsynaptic announced that it has been chosen as the Teleradiology/PACS solution provider by Sadhna Group for connecting various diagnostic imaging centers in Bihar Government Hospitals to a central server allowing radiologists to immediately provide reports to the patients.

Medsynaptic has already commenced the project implementation and connected 2 sites. The complete project is expected to go online within the next 6 months. After completion, the system will allow immediate transfer of images from different government hospitals to a Central Server. Once the images are received on the server, radiologists can interpret the scans and send back the reports instantly to the hospitals which can then institute immediate care saving many lives. The software provides several advanced tools to the radiologists to interpret the scans and provide accurate diagnosis in a speedy manner. The system will also allow second opinion from radiologist in any part of the world thus helping the poor and needy patients from government hospitals in Bihar to receive highest quality of care.

Sadhna Group is a leading business conglomerate, engaged in businesses of Television Media, Advertising, Education, Aviation and Healthcare. The Healthcare division, Sadhna Healthline bagged the tender to setup 15 Ultra-Modern Diagnostic Centers in districts of Bihar. All facilities including CT Scanners, Digital X Ray, MRI, ECG, Ultrasound and Pathology Services will be installed. This will allow the underprivileged and rural people to access high-tech healthcare services at very affordable costs and get better treatment.

“Medsynaptic is very excited about this project to facilitate delivery of high quality healthcare to the rural people and we are delighted that Sadhna Group has chosen to install Medsynapse Teleradiology/PACS for this project said Dr Ashish Dhawad, CEO of Medsynaptic Pvt. Ltd. We are proud to be associated with this noble initiative by Sadhna Group which addresses the prevailing inequalities and lack of healthcare options to the rural population.

“Most of the beneficiaries of this system will be rural and BPL patients. Since availability of radiologists at every site was difficult and costly, we chose Medsynaptic Teleradiology solution to make sure that we are able to provide timely care at very affordable costs”, said Mr. Rakesh Gupta, Managing Director of Sadhna Group. “The system not only allows fast transfer of images using internet but also helps the radiologist to rapidly view and manipulate the images from anywhere in the world continued Mr. Gupta.

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