Smart Telecardiology Service Provider in India

Telecardiology is a modern medical practice which enables outreach of specialist healthcare to people in remote locations. The technology harnesses the power of telecommunications to achieve remote diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, thus increasing the effectiveness and ease of care provided. While advent in technology is making wireless or satellite networks communication more simple, setting up advanced technologies like Telecardiology is becoming easier and less expensive. Doctors and other healthcare providers use electrocardiographic data, which is transmitted remotely, in real time, for interpretation by a specialist.

  • Fully web based application interface
  • Directly receives images from Cathlab
  • DICOM Store, Send, QR support
  • Import / Export images
  • Zooming facility
  • Linear and angular measurements
  • Text annotations
  • Image post-processing tools
  • Cd / DVD writing with autorun CD Viewer
  • Paper Printing Support for Windows Printer
  • Film Printing in user defined formats
  • Film composer with all processing features
  • Stitching
  • Multiple patient printing
  • Bookmarked option
  • Different Reporting workflows
  • Over 10+ years of experience in Teleradiology
  • Strong QA process; ACR peer review rigorously followed
  • Strong client base and references

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