Stop worrying about Reading and Archiving X-ray Film!

DMD D-2000 is X-ray Flim Scanner which converts
X-ray Flim into a Digital Flim(DICOM)
It improves Management of relative infomation in the data-base easily and conveniently

Image Procession Support
● Various Support of X-ray Film Size 5″ x 7″ ~ 14″ x 17″
● High quality of MammoGraphy Scan
● Scan time : 7sec for each X-ray Flim
● Support format : DCM, BMP, JPG
● slim data Size (Max 3.3MB for each flim 200dpi,14″ x 17″ size)
● Support by CD Burn
● One Click scan with Auto-Sizing
● Brightness control for each X-ray Film
● Works on internal network environment

Various Support of PACS Viewer
● Search by patient’s Name, ID, Date, Modality ect
● Various Image editing options : Magnify, Inverse, Rotate, Brightness
● Transmit image option for Tele Radiology

DMD D-2000 (X-ray Flim Scanner)